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What is belaying?

Belaying is the act of safely managing the rope for the climber. The belayer is responsible for the climber’s safety as he or she ascends the wall. In the event of a fall, the belayer secures the climber by holding the rope. In order to belay in the facility, a Climb So iLL team member must verify your ability to belay correctly.

What are auto belays?

The auto belay is a device that slowly lowers the climber to the ground in the event of a fall. Auto belays allow individuals who are not belay certified the opportunity to climb the main walls in the gym. They are also a great option for climbers who are visiting the facility without a partner. No experience is necessary, but a brief tutorial is required to use the auto belay.

What is bouldering?

Bouldering is a form of climbing that relies on padded flooring rather than ropes and harnesses for protection. Climbers generally climb between 10 and 15 feet high and for that reason, no additional equipment other than the padded floor is needed.