Level Up

Pull harder, hold more tension, and discover your potential on the wall

Our six-week LEVEL UP program will elevate your climbing by training for absolute strength and power. Custom-built by the Power Company, this program utilizes the fitness equipment at the Power Plant and Steel Shop. You can start at any time.

The LEVEL UP program runs through the Trainerize app. With this app, you can:

Track Habits and Activities

Schedule Workouts

Watch Video Demonstrations

Chat with Power Company Coach Jess West

Connect with Other Participants

Price: $60.00

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Read First

The program focuses on variations of three major lifts: chest presses, squats, and deadlifts. It also includes a day of power-focused movements. These workouts can be modified for the equipment available at the Power Plant or Steel Shop, so you can schedule your sessions at either location.

An ideal schedule includes four days of training, but the program also includes an option for three. If you combine this program with climbing, you MUST take at least one, but preferably two, days off to allow for sufficient recovery.

Since this is an intense, short-term program, you should significantly reduce your climbing volume and intensity. Other high-intensity sports should also be reduced or eliminated during this time. The program pairs well with hangboarding, yoga, and mobility exercises.

Participants will receive download and setup instructions for the mobile app within 48 hours of purchase.  Upon completing setup in the mobile app, a LEVEL UP intro phase will last until the following Monday, when programming begins.