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Climbing Instructor

The Power Plant: St. Louis, MO and The Steel Shop: St. Charles, MO



Climb So iLL is looking for instructors to lead educational classes. Instructors are responsible for demonstrating technical skills, teaching best practices, and evaluating participant comprehension.

Instructors are expected to follow Climb So iLL curriculum in order to provide a consistent and comprehensive experience for all participants.

Instructors function as a critical part of the community by shaping customer experiences; for that reason, they are also responsible for connecting participants to other educational experiences or social opportunities by informing them of upcoming clinics, events, etc.


Instructors are responsible for:

  • Leading classes of 4 to 8 participants (class size is dependent on the course; i.e. Top Rope Belay Class, Lead Belay Class, Bouldering Fundamentals, etc.).
  • Staging a classroom by cordoning off areas in the gym and posting appropriate signage.
  • Communicating personal safety protocols clearly and demonstrating proper use of climbing equipment.
  • Evaluating each participant’s comprehension and ability to demonstrate skills.
  • Providing recommendations for each participant’s next steps at the conclusion of each class (i.e. what to expect during a belay check, how to practice skills on an ongoing basis, and when to seek additional instruction).

Job Requirements

  • Instructors must be clear, effective, and patient in their communication style.
  • Previous experience as a climbing wall instructor is preferred.
  • Previous experience as a skills-based instructor is preferred.
  • This is a part-time position which requires weeknight and weekend availability.
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